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Bauhaus movement console - Barcelona 1930

Art Deco console with a nickel plated steel tubular stands and three shelves in solid wood with walnut veneer, french polish. 


Ref.: CMBB

3 450,00 €

"Antella" table-console by Kazuhide Takahama

"Antella" foldable table-console, frame and top with rounded front edge, two hinged elements held together by a magnet, two halves of elliptical...

Ref.: TCKT


Console wax and shells - France 1980

Console with four stands and metal structure completelly covered with wax, inlaid with different kind of shells and bones. Thick glass on...

Ref.: CCCF

3 500,00 €

Pair of consoles - France 1940

Pair of consoles in solid mahogany with rosewood veneer, black stained base, french polish.

France c. 1940

Ref.: 2CAF

3 400,00 €

Pair of small consoles - France 1940

Pair of small consoles, golden wrought iron and golden leaf thick glass on top.

France c. 1940

Ref.: PPCF

1 300,00 €

Pair of large consoles - France 1970

Pair of large consoles, solid wood with Macassar ebony veneer, french polish, encircle and drawers in solid beech painted like ebony. Blackened...

Ref.: PCMF


Console-commode - Italy 1940

Splendid console-commode with six "grissinis" drawers, stained mahogany and rosewood decoration, french polish. Polished brass handles and...

Ref.: CCGI

6 750,00 €

Small console - Italy 1950

Small console, stained solid beech, french polish. Glass top and wooden decorative panel covered with a gray, black and white flecked...

Ref.: CHVI

1 450,00 €

Large mirror-console by Pier Luigi Colli - 1940

Large mirror-console, green mirror frame and partially hammered golden metal, thick glass console.

Design: Pierre Luigi Colli


Ref.: MCVC

3 850,00 €

Art Deco shelving unit

Art Deco shelving unit, 2 levels, chrome plated brass and thick glass (15mm) with mirror strip of 5 cm width, can be dismantle.


Ref.: EADB


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