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Large floral ceiling light - Spain 1960

Large floral ceiling or wall light with five lights in golden wrought iron. High quality.

Spain c. 1960

Ref.: GAFE

1 300,00 €

Pair of small wall light "Sigma" - Sergio...

Pair of small ceiling or wall light "Sigma", thick pressed glass and nickel plated brass.

Model: Sigma

Design: Sergio...

Ref.: PASA

950,00 €

Italian chandelier from the 60´s

Chandelier with 8 lights, solid teak, polished brass and perspex lampshades.

Italy c. 1960

Ref.: L8PT


Ceiling light by Pia Guidetti Grippa - 1960

Ceiling light in brushed aluminium, ivory lacquered aluminium and white opaline glass.

Design: Pia Guidetti Grippa


Ref.: PGGL

950,00 €

Lantern by Jordi Vilanova - Barcelona 1960

Lantern in polished solid brass, ivory lacquered inside, three lights.

Design: Jordi Vilanova i Bosch


Ref.: LJV2

1 500,00 €

Cylindrical  lantern-suspension -...

Cylindrical lantern-suspension, brass with an acid etched milky white glass.

Italy c. 1940

Ref.: LS40

950,00 €

Pair of Delta lantern by Sergio Mazza

Pair of large "Delta" lantern, nickel plated brass, opaline and pressed glass.

Model: Delta

Design: Sergio Mazza


Ref.: LDMI

4 000,00 €

Ceiling lamp - France 1890-1900

Large ceiling light in wrought iron, originally made as oil lamp, later electrified. Completely restored, metal polished and new wiring.


Ref.: GS90

2 450,00 €

Rare lantern by Sergio Mazza

Rare lantern, nickel plated brass and pressed glass.

Design: Sergio Mazza

Maker: Artemide

Italy c. 1960

Ref.: LSMA


Composition of lanterns by Jordi Vilanova - 1960

Composition of three lanterns assembled as a chandelier for a special order. Polished solid brass, ivory lacquered inside, three lights by...

Ref.: CLJV

4 800,00 €

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