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Backlit mirror - France 1960

Backlit mirror with a curved plastic frame imitating Murano glass.

France c. 1960

Ref.: MRMP

950,00 €

Oval mirror - Italy 1960

Oval mirror with a beveled and thick smoked gray glass back, over it a beveled mirror fixed by polished aluminium decoration.

Italy c....

Ref.: MO60

950,00 €

Pair of tall mirrors - Italy 1950

Pair of tall mirrors with a solid wood back, stained and french polished mahogany base, polished brass feet and screw covers.

Italy c....

Ref.: PMHI

3 850,00 €

Large Art Deco oval mirror - France 1920

Large Art Deco oval mirror, golden wood frame with flowers decoration. Original beveled mirror.

France c. 1920 

Ref.: MOAD

1 650,00 €

Round beveled mirror - Italy 1960

Round beveled mirror with a golden yellow beveled mirror frame.

Italy c. 1960

Ref.: MRBJ

950,00 €

Acid etched mirror - Italy 1940

Spectacular original mirror decorated with acid etched circles and strip, golden leaf stucco frame.

Italy c....

Ref.: MSDI


Small engraved mirror 

Nice small engraved mirror with stars and capsules.

France 1945-50

Ref.: PMGF

750,00 €

Round grey-green mirror - Italy 1950

Nice round mirror, grey-green mirror frame with intaglio round decoration.

Italy c. 1950

Ref.: MGCI

1 550,00 €

Large mirror - Italy 1960

Large mirror with a thick beveled smocked grey glass frame, nickel plated brass hardware.

Italy c. 1960

Ref.: GMVE


Large mirror-console by Pier Luigi Colli - 1940

Large mirror-console, green mirror frame and partially hammered golden metal, thick glass console.

Design: Pierre Luigi Colli


Ref.: MCVC

3 850,00 €

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