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Double beveled mirror - Italy 1950

Spectacular double beveled mirror with golden orange frame, golden bronze hardware.

Italy c. 1950

Ref.: MDJI

1 750,00 €

Round mirror - France 1940

Nice round mirror mounted on wood, decorated with a patinated bronze half frame, some oxidation.

France c. 1940

Ref.: MF40

750,00 €

Big mirror - Belgium 1940

Big mirror with a rose bronzed mirror frame, original oxidation. Small scratch.

Belgium c. 1940

Ref.: MB40

750,00 €

Acid etched mirror - Italy 1940

Spectacular original mirror decorated with acid etched circles and strip, golden leaf stucco frame.

Italy c....

Ref.: MSDI

2 750,00 €

Rounded triangular mirror - Italy 1960

Rounded triangular mirror with a light pink glass frame. Original oxidation.

Italy c. 1960

Ref.: MR60

950,00 €

Asymmetrical beveled mirror - Italy 1960

Asymmetrical beveled mirror, blue mirror frame.

Italy c. 1960

Ref.: MBBI

950,00 €

Large round mirror - Italy 1950

Large round mirror, wood frame with rosewood veneer, rope hanging system. Original mirror.

Italy c. 1950 

Ref.: GMPI

950,00 €

Vanity-table mirror by Sergio Mazza

Pivoting vanity-table mirror, brushed nickel plated frame and base. Original patina.

Design: Sergio Mazza

Italy late 60´s

Ref.: MTSM

950,00 €

Art Deco spanish mirror

Art Deco mirror, grindstoned geometrical decoration, chrome plated "baguette style" frame, original oxidation. It can...

Ref.: MADE

600,00 €

Decorative panel mirror - Italy 1970

Decorative panel, patinated steel frame, stained hardboard decorated with thick painted dots. Patinated and embossed sheet metal bird and...

Ref.: PDUI

950,00 €

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