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Art Deco desk armchair - France 1920-1925

Art Deco desk armchair with a solid walnut structure, back with a splendid walnut developed veneer, french polish. Seat redone with a putty...

Ref.: DAAD

2 200,00 €

Flat desk by Claude Gaillard - France 1970

Large flat desk with brushed aluminium frame and french polished rosewood, a compartmentalized drawer opening by a rail system under the...

Ref.: BPML

4 700,00 €

Secretay cabinet with shelves - Italy 1950

Secretay cabinet with shelves, two solid teak bodies with teak veneer and blackened steel, fully adjustable, zebra wood inside, shellac...

Ref.: MSEI

3 850,00 €

Art Deco meeting table - Barcelona 1930

Large Art Deco meeting table, two column style stands connected with an horizontal strut, solid wood with walnut and burl walnut veneer, french...

Ref.: GTBS


Art Deco desk attributed to Challeyssin - 1930

Small Art Deco cubist and double sided desk, solid oak and oak plywood, french polish. Three drawers and shelve under the top, nickel plated...

Ref.: BCAD

3 850,00 €

Art Deco "Minister" desk - Barcelona 1930

Art Deco "Minister" desk, double sided in solid wood with mottled mahogany veneer, base with mahogany veneer, french polish. Seven drawers,...

Ref.: BMAD

6 500,00 €

Art Deco bookcase - Barcelona 1930

Art Deco bookcase, beech and blond mahogany structure with mottled mahogany veneer. Central block with five drawers with doors on each side with...

Ref.: BADA

4 800,00 €

Boomerang desk - Italy 1970

"Boomerang" desk, large top in varnished walnut covered with a thick glass. Two chrome plated steel columns.

Italy c. 1970


Ref.: BBNI

2 800,00 €

Modular cabinet - Italy 1960

Modular cabinet with two blocks with two doors and six shelves, adjustable height. Wood with teak veneer and walnut inside with satiny shellac...

Ref.: MM60

2 500,00 €

Desk armchair by G. Siegl for J&J Kohn - 1910

System desk armchair, stained and varnished beech wood, cane work seat.

Design: Gustav Siegl for J&J Kohn - Vienna...

Ref.: FBSK

4 000,00 €

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